AKArama Foundation is dedicated to implementing the International programs Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. These programs are designed to enhance the social, economic, and educational well-being of the local, national, and international communities.

The program theme for 2018-2022 is Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service. The International Program includes five program targets that are designed to advance the mission of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., with excellence and underscore our commitment to sustainable service and is impactful and life-enhancing.

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Target 1: HBCU for Life: A Call to Action

Lack of funding is one of the primary obstacles that threaten the long-term survival of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). AKArama Foundation Inc. is committed to supporting Alpha Kappa Alpha’s HBCU Endowment Initiative.  The goal of this initiative is to establish an endowed scholarship at each accredited four-year HBCU to help students complete their course of study, and receive their college degree.   The AKArama Foundation Inc. promotes HBCUs by encouraging students to attend, informing the community of the historic relevance of these great institutions and providing scholarships for students attending HBCUs. The AKArama Foundation Inc. solicits donations from the public and corporate entities to fund the HBCU Endowment Initiative or HBCUs directly.

Target 1: #CAP (College Application Process)

AKArama Foundation Inc. assists students with the college admissions process.  This includes assistance with completing college applications, preparing for the ACT/SAT, identifying scholarships and financial aid, and celebrating with students when they are admitted. #CAP partners with the University of Chicago Woodlawn Charter school to provide free counseling services to students and parents within the Woodlawn Community.

Target 2:  Women’s Health and Wellness

The goal of this program is to raise awareness of three critical health issues impacting African-American women.

Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention: AKArama Foundation Inc. collaborates with Cancer Research and Natural Family Planning Awareness (NFP) to reinforce the importance of breast health through free webinars featuring doctors and medical researchers highlighting the latest information on breast cancer and prevention. AKArama Foundation Inc. partners with Mile Square Health Center, a not-for-profit organization to provide free mammograms to the underinsured and underserved.

Heart Health and Nutrition: AKArama Foundation Inc. encourages women to lead a healthier lifestyle to decrease the number of women diagnosed with diabetes, stroke, and other forms of heart disease.  Through our partnership with the American Heart Association, we host our annual Pink Goes Red event. This free community event includes healthy cooking demonstrations from renowned chefs, kickboxing, cardio dance, yoga, and line dancing activities to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Care for the Caregivers: Through our work with the Alzheimer’s Association, AKArama Foundation  Inc. provides information and resources on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia which affect African Americans at a rate of two times that of other populations.  The Foundation also provides resources for caregivers and encourages preventive healthcare to eliminate the risks associated with the stress of caregiving. For additional Caregiver Resources Click Here.

Target 3: Building Your Economic Legacy

African Americans lag in asset accumulation, managing debt effectively, and saving.  Akarama Foundation is committed to emphasizing the importance of financial planning, asset accumulation, and wealth-building, as well as improving credit and encouraging entrepreneurship.  Free financial workshops are held at the AKArama Foundation Community Service Center for community residents.  As part of the Entrepreneurship and the Black Dollar 365 Initiative,  AKArama Foundation, Inc. members support and promote African American businesses. To view a list of Black-owned businesses in the Chicagoland area visit our Black Dollar 365 Directory.

Under Operation AKA Assist, AKArama Foundation Inc. supports organizations that serve those living in shelters.  AKArama Foundation Inc. provides toys for children, clothing, food, toiletries, and other necessities along with informational programming on job readiness skills for residents. AKArama Foundation supports the St. Martin dePorres House of Hope for Women, the Maria Shelter for Women and the Featherfirst veteran’s shelter and hosts an annual Breakfast with Santa event for children in Ada S. McKinley Foster Care Services and Primo Women’s shelter.

Target 4: The Arts!

Many school districts, due to limited budgets are reducing arts curriculum and failing to view the arts as an integral component of overall student development.  AKArama Foundation Inc. understands the importance of engaging students in the arts and provides hands-on opportunities for students to explore visual and performing arts. We are dedicated to sharing the rich history of art in Chicago and host a series of seminars on the significance of the Chicago Renaissance,  as well as showcasing the work of up and coming Chicago artists. This series is free to the public.

Target 5: Global Impact

Through its partners, AKArama Foundation Inc. assists the underserved in international areas populated with people of color. Soles 4 Souls facilitates the global transportation of gently worn shoes and the Lions Club International facilitates the delivery of donated eyeglasses around the world. Akarama Foundation Inc. participates in the Pillowcase Project by sewing dresses and shirts to send to children in Haiti.

AKArama Signature Programs


Student And Family Empowerment (SAFE), Ascending Young Pearls

This signature program is designed to provide support for the students and families in Woodlawn and the surrounding areas.  AKArama Foundation Inc. provides academic, financial, health, and other resources in an effort to strengthen African American families in and around the Woodlawn community. The Ascending Young Pearls (AYP) program mentors 6th – 8th-grade girls and their parents and assists students with developing leadership skills, self-esteem, and health and wellness related activities as well as providing parents with information to assist them with financial and parenting decisions.  The program meets with parents and students once a month.


Legal Clinic

Attorneys from DLA Piper and Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago provide free legal assistance to residents, by appointment and walk-ins. Legal issues exclude criminal cases. A social worker may be available to assist with social issues. Offered 2nd Wednesday of each month, 4-7pm in partnership with Woodlawn Children’s Promise Community, DLA Piper, and Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago.

For more information on our Exemplifying Excellence Through Sustainable Service International Program, visit here.
Download the AKArama Foundation Brochure here.