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AKArama 2024: A Star Studded Affair

The mission of the AKArama Foundation, Incorporated is “To strengthen our local and global community by providing resources and services to families in the area of education, economic development and health and wellness”. Since its founding in 1981, the AKArama Foundation has generated more than 2.5 million dollars for service programs and scholarships awarded to young women. With our “Programs for People” and your contributions, we can collectively assist in closing the gap under our Six New International Initiatives which are: Strengthen Our Sisterhood, Empower Our Families, Build Our Economic Wealth, and Enhance Our Environment, Advocate for Social Justice and Uplift Our Local Communities.

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A Little Of Our Story

The AKArama Foundation, Inc. seeks to make a difference in the Chicagoland Community by galvanizing our sisterhood of more than 300 active members to lead on the front lines of change, education, and advocacy.

The AKArama Foundation has one major fundraiser each year entitled “AKArama”.  The fundraiser was first named in 1956 when the suffice “rama’ was very popular.  That year the fundraiser was held at the old Regal Theatre located at 47th and South Parkway (known today as King Drive).  The event was a variety show and featured musical performances by Sonny Stitt and The Almad Jamal Trio, Johnny Griffin, The Johnny Pate Trio, Gene Ammons, and Sarah Lawler, Vernon Duncan, and the Walter Heni Dyett band which provided background music for the evening.