AKArama Foundation  Supports Historically Black Colleges and Universities

While Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) account for just three percent of four-year nonprofit colleges with 101 recognized institutions, their impact is substantial. In addition to the valuable economic returns they provide their communities year after year, HBCUs also play a major role in the economic success of their graduates by enhancing their education, training and leadership skills having produced 80 percent of our nation’s Black judges, 50 percent of Black attorneys and doctors, and 25 percent of Black undergraduates who earn their degrees in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics). HBCUs are relevant, now, more than ever.

Still, HBCUs frequently struggle financially given a decline in state appropriations toward publicly funded HBCUs, while privately funded HBCUs grapple with difficulty in fundraising. Both contribute to cutbacks in state financial aid and scholarships for students. Unfortunately, this, along with the long-established inability to fund their own education, affects Black student retention and, in turn, graduation rates at many HBCUs.

Theta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated and the AKArama Foundation want to be the catalyst in increasing student retention and graduation rates among HBCUs and its students. It is our goal to be the difference by keeping financial barriers from becoming insurmountable.

Through the AKArama Foundation HBCU Emergency Fund, we are issuing a Call to Action to assist students from the Chicagoland area currently enrolled at HBCUs whose continuation at the institution is threatened due to outstanding financial obligations or crises. Through generous contributions, we will be able to directly assist students in their trek to graduation.

The need is great. The call is urgent. You can help increase a student’s chance of getting to the finish line through a donation today.

You can make your donation via PayPal to [email protected].  Please put HBCU Emergency Fund in the memo line.



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